Maximale Gezondheid: PCOS

In de webinar ontdek je o.a.:

* Wat is PCOS?
* Wat zijn de mogelijke oorzaken van PCOS?
* Wat zijn de mogelijke symptomen van PCOS?
* Wat zijn de mogelijke gevolgen van PCOS?
* Wat zijn de behandelmogelijkheden van PCOS?

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  1. Hi I recently found your page thogruh stumble and I wanted to say I think you are great helping to spread awareness and provide information . I also have a pcos support group online because my teenage daughter tried to commit suicide due to the mood swings of pcos and not getting a diagnosis early enough so I’m hoping to prevent some other family going thogruh all we’ve been thogruh !! I would love it if you would join us and share your info on the natural side of treatment

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